French Door refrigerators – the five main facts

It happens so – there is not enough of a standard refrigerator, and a big Side-by-Side takes too much space in the kitchen. You can not even bring it to the apartment. But how then to store a lot of products, if, for example, you have a large family or just like cooking experiments and "delicious" gatherings with friends? Together with the famous German manufacturer of refrigerators – Liebherr – we found a way out: we made a video and text about the refrigerator of the French Door format – CBNes 6256. We tell the main thing about its advantages.

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"French door" – this is how the name of this class of refrigerators is translated into Russian. The format came from architecture and was particularly popular in France during the Renaissance. French doors – glazed, swinging, with a reinforced frame, between them there is no vertical lintel (impost). At the French Door refrigerators, the doors of the refrigerating chamber are, of course, metallic, but otherwise everything is just like that.

French door, modern look

The freezer in such refrigerators usually consists of 2-3 drawers, and they are separated from each other , but not behind one door, as in the classic models – this provides greater autonomy and increases the efficiency of storage of products.

Fact # 1: plenty of space

The main convenience of the French Door refrigerator is a large volume. Yes, these models are wider than usual (for example, the width of Liebherr CBNes 6256 is 91 cm). But one thing is when the refrigerator is 30 cm wider than the "classics", and the other – by 50-60, as many models Side-by-Side.

About the wide shelves, without any stopper in the middle part (jumper between the doors no) I want to say "at least play football". But they are certainly not for this, but for convenient storage of a variety of different products.

The volume of French Door refrigerators is almost as good as Side-by-Side, but smaller in size

In modern refrigerators, shelves are made of tempered glass and can withstand even heavy pans. And the metal fringing is not only beautiful, but also limits getting below the accidentally spilled liquid.

The main characteristics of the Liebherr CBNes 6256 refrigerator:

– height × width × depth: 203.9 × 91 × 61.5 cm
– two independent refrigeration circuits
– the total usable volume: 471 l
– refrigeration unit: 357 l
– freezer: 114 l
– freshness zone: 68 l
– autogenous cooling of refrigerating and freezing compartment
– auto modes: "Super cooling" and "Superfreezing"
– tempered glass shelves
Telescopic guides: freshness zone, freezer
– energy efficiency class: A ++
– electronic control with display
– cost: from 250,000 rubles (actual at the time of publication of the material)

Fact # 2: modern storage technology

DuoCooling is a double cooling circuit. In simple words, the refrigeration unit in Liebherr CBNes 6256 is not connected with the freezer: each operates according to its "program". This means that the chamber maintains the optimum temperature for storage of food.

Due to "closed" contours, smells, for example, from the refrigerator compartment do not penetrate into the freezer. And in the context of energy efficiency, this approach is more correct.

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PowerCooling is a distribution system for a special built-in cold air fan over the refrigerator. In the refrigerator compartment, thanks to it, air is fed to each shelf. That is, the required temperature is maintained throughout the volume. Hence, there is no situation when some products are kept better, others are worse. Better storage quality.

BioFresh is a freshness area for long-term storage of various products: from greens, fruits and vegetables, to chilled meat, fish, seafood and cheeses. In Liebherr CBNes 6256 its volume is 68 liters and it consists of two containers.

BioFresh sections (freshness areas) can store different products longer

The temperature in both is slightly above zero, and you can change the humidity level: in one container, reduce, and in another increase. This allows the zone of freshness to be a universal place in the refrigerator, where for a long time (longer than simply on the shelves) such different products remain.

Information on increasing the shelf life of some products in the freshness zone (data from Liebherr)

SuperCool and SuperFrost are special regimes in refrigeration and freezing chambers, for fast cooling and freezing new products.

For example, you brought a "ton" of products from the supermarket for a couple of weeks ahead. If you turn on these modes before the trip, the refrigerator will lower the temperature in the compartments to the minimum values. This allows you to quickly cool (freeze) the "replenishment", and the temperature of the stored products will not increase due to new arrivals.

In modern refrigerators, including Liebherr CBNes 6256, these modes – with auto shutdown. If you forget to turn it off, after a while the refrigerator itself returns to the usual temperature settings (those that were before the activation of these modes).

Daniil Golovin, project expert[19659009//Notknownbutzonefreshness(BioFresh)andauto-defrostNoFrost-thisistheoriginaldevelopmentofLiebherrThefirstwasimplementedintheworldforthefirsttimeintherefrigeratorin1996andthesecondoneevenearlier-in1987ItwastheGermanengineerswhogavetheseusefulsolutionsastartinlifeandonlythentheybegantoappearinrefrigeratorsofotherbrands

Fact No. 3: convenience

NoFrost – auto-freezing of refrigerating and freezing compartments. This is undoubtedly convenient, because there is no torture with manual defrosting. The advantage of this technology has long been appreciated by users. Due to the removal of excess moisture, there is no ice in the chambers. Similarly, it is not on the products themselves, which improves the quality of storage.

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IceMaker – the refrigerator itself makes cubes ice. It's cool and comfortable. In Liebherr CBNes 6256 for this, you do not even need to replenish the water reserves all the time – the model is connected to the water supply. And that the ice turned out to be of high quality – a replaceable filter is provided: water first passes through it, and then gets into the ice maker.

Replacement filter for water – part of the ice making system IceMaker

LED – modern LED lighting has several advantages. It is brighter than conventional incandescent lamps – better to see products. Moreover, in Liebherr CBNes 6256, in addition to the LED strip in the upper chamber, there are two more LED columns on the sides. There is lighting and in the freezer containers, which is important and convenient (not always provided), as well as in the freshness zone of BioFresh.

One more plus of light-emitting diodes – because of them the temperature in branches does not raise. Therefore, the compressor does not have to "work out" this moment – electricity is saved.

LED lighting in a refrigerator Liebherr CBNes 6256

SoftTelescopic – telescopic guides for freezer containers and zones freshness. Another obvious convenience in the Liebherr CBNes 6256: boxes easily and completely "leave" from the refrigerator. So the whole content is in the zone of visibility.

Shelf-transformer – a platform above the freshness zone, where it is safe to store bottles of drinks safely, in special hollows, or use a glass insert on top any other products.

Fact # 4: easy operation

French Door-refrigerator Liebherr CBNes 6256 electronic sensor control system. This allows you to control the temperature in the compartments to within a degree, and also provides a larger set of functions. For example, visual control of the operation parameters on the display, locking the settings from children, signaling faults and open doors of the refrigerator (optical and sound).

Electronic touch control panel for the refrigerator Liebherr CBNbe 6256

Fact # 5: classic design

In Russia there is a refrigerator Liebherr CBNes 6256 colors "stainless steel", as well as a version of delicate beige colors – CBNbe 6256. These are premium refrigerators, the exterior is designed in a classic style for this kind of technology. Strict forms, no frills – maximum functionality and convenience.

By the way, the model can be installed in a niche with a minimum distance from behind and at the sides, because air exchange is organized through the lower front part of the device.

Refrigerator of the French Door format – Liebherr CBNes 625. Classic design

The verdict

The French Door format refrigerators are a universal solution. They are an alternative to large models such as Side-by-Side, and standard two-chamber. Because they occupy significantly less space than the first, but are almost as capacious. Conversely, being a little wider than the "classics", you can store a lot more products.

In addition, the French Door models usually belong to the premium class ( Liebherr CBNes 6256 – not an exception) . And this means that they have implemented the most modern technologies for high-quality and long-term storage of products, various additional conveniences (remember the connection to the water pipe, water filtration, ice production), high-quality materials were used.

More video. All details about the freezer that works at -15 ° C outside:

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