How do washing machines: BEKO plant

Have you ever washed in a pond? Ask your grandmother – like this. Yes, and without her answer is clear – very unpleasant and difficult. If there was no washing machine, our life would be completely different. Now there is a "rubbish" in every house and without hesitation we press a couple of buttons and take out clean things from it. But how are these irreplaceable domestic helpers created? We went to the plant of the company BEKO in the city of Kirzhach and all found out.

The plant is a large organism. More than 1100 workers from almost all Vladimir region. The production area of ​​the Turkish company in Kirzhach is 615,000 m². Here, there are washing machines (more than 200 variations of different models) and refrigerators.

A significant part of the processes are automated. Many materials used to create washing machines (metal hull, plastic of various parts and structural elements) are made in Russia.

In addition to immersion in the production process, we got to know close to one of the top models – a washing and drying machine with a very a wide range of programs and additional options.

No sooner had the new BEKO WDW 85120 B3 come off the assembly line – we are already here: we study its capabilities. Everything is on the video.

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