Overview iPlus S5 – vacuum cleaner and air cleans

We are all used to the fact that robotic vacuum cleaners do a good job of maintaining cleanliness in the house. They without the participation of a man will collect dust and small debris from the floor. However, purity is a broader concept than just pure sex. This, for example, also quality air. To us on the test the robot has got, which copes both with that, and with another: a vacuum cleaner and air clears. Get acquainted with the iPlus S5 – see our video.

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The iPlus S5 feature is a modular design. In assembled form this "2 in 1" device is a robotic vacuum cleaner and an air purifier with ionization function. But so it is quite high and will not pass under most of the furniture, not even the lowest. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided for the use of a robot vacuum cleaner without an air purification module.

As an option: first the robot passes through all hard-to-reach places, and then, with the air cleaner on board, cleans all the rest while making the air cleaner in the room.

The main characteristics of the robotic vacuum cleaner iPlus S5:

– design of the type "2 in 1": robot vacuum cleaner and removable air purification module
– type of cleaning: dry and light wet
– volume of the dust container: 0.6 l
– air filtration: high-efficiency HEPA filter
– is a charcoal filter against odors
– vacuum cleaner height without air purifier: 7 cm
– turbo brush and side brushes for effective garbage collection
– control on the case, from the remote control or via the mobile application and Wi-Fi
– five modes of cleaning and charging
– auto mode: cleaning the entire room, a combination of cleaning algorithms
– cost: 34,990 rubles (information is current at time of publication)

During the test The vacuum cleaner has coped with garbage of different type, very well showed itself at shifts e floor coverings – without any problems, stopped by the carpet and drove away from it. Note that the remote control or smartphone is available manual control – you can send the robot to the right place. It also provides for the creation of a cleaning calendar: daily, for the whole week.

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