Overview of the German robot vacuum cleaner Wolkinz COSMO

The novelty of robotic cleaning – the handsome Wolkinz COSMO – fell on the test. It is designed in Germany, it is optimized for cleaning corners and is equipped with a laser navigation system for "meaningful" moving around the apartment. We tell the main thing about what this robot vacuum cleaner can do. And, of course, we check the quality of cleaning. Watch the video.

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The Wolkinz COSMO robot cleaner has a new inverter motor with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. He automatically builds a map of the room, thanks to LIDAR + technology (obtaining and processing information about distant objects using active optical systems using the phenomenon of absorption and scattering of light).

The main characteristics of the Wolkinz COSMO robot cleaner:

– cleaning type: dry and light wet
– inverter motor
– air flow: 0.67 m³ / min
– navigation: a system of 36 sensors and sensors
– volume of garbage container:
– weight of robot- vacuum cleaner: 3.82 kg
– height: 9.5 cm
– type of the main filter: HEPA
– the time of the full charge of the battery: three hours
– working time: about two hours
– cost: 44,900 rubles (price is current at the time of publication of the material)

All management is via a mobile application for iOS- or Android-devices Wolkinz COSMO: you can activate cleaning, see on the screen of a smartphone where the robot has already cleaned (a cleaning card is available), and make a daily cleaning schedule for the week. The robot is connected to a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi network, which makes it possible to control it from anywhere in the world.

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