Overview of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V10. We tell the main thing

The new Dyson is always an event. We are among the first to review the new wireless vacuum cleaner Dyson Cyclone V10. Vladimir Borovoi tested the "top ten" in New York, right on the presentation. In our video, the most important thing: about the device of a vacuum cleaner and the quality of cleaning.

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The feature of the new Dyson wireless vacuum cleaner is a high suction power comparable to classic wired vacuum cleaners up to 290 VA.

A new miniature motor with lightweight ceramic shaft, specially designed for this model, weighs 125 g and makes up to 125,000 rpm. To the features of the vacuum cleaner can also be attributed to the direct path of the passage of air: from the floor to the exit from the vacuum cleaner (before it was not so). The absence of "bends of the track" positively affects the efficiency of harvesting.

The manufacturer in this model was able to increase the dust bag – versions with a container of 0.55 and 0.76 liters are presented. Also note the system of easy cleaning the dust bag, simplifying the care. Dyson Cyclone V10 on one charge can work up to 60 minutes – it's at the minimum power. On the average – up to 35 minutes. And six minutes in turbo mode.

Among the nozzles we note two motorized, for cleaning the floor (including Fluffy – with a soft roller – it perfectly removes the hard floor), and a mini electric brush for removing garbage and animal wool from upholstered furniture .

Three complete sets are available:

– Motorhead: direct drive nozzle, combined, slotted
– Absolute: direct drive nozzle, with soft roller, combined, slotted, mini-electric brush, with soft bristles
– Animal: direct drive nozzle, combined, slit, mini-electric brush a, nozzle with soft bristles.

The new Dyson Cyclone V10 is already on sale in Russia. The cost is from 39 990 rubles (the information is current on the day of publication).

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