Review Bosch VeroCup 100: do I trust her coffee?

Automatic coffee machine is not a technique of first necessity. It's for fun. To at any time to get tasty, properly cooked coffee, and quickly – this requires a modern rhythm of life. And more importantly, the coffee machine was easy to manage (once long to understand) and in care. And preferably not too expensive – it's always nice to save a little. We found out whether the coffee experience will bring a novelty – Bosch TIS30129RW series VeroCup 100: the whole test for video.

We tested the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine together with the expert from the company Coffe WorkShop – the head of the barista school Ekatrina Trankkina. We appreciated the taste of drinks, novelty design and its convenience. Find out more:

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Interesting about coffee

1. Opening the coffee we owe the Ethiopian goats: after eating coffee berries, the animals became much more vigorous. Allegedly, long ago, it was noticed by a local shepherd.

2. First, people used to eat coffee-tree berries, directly with the flesh, a beverage from the bones (grains) did not appear immediately.

Coffee plantations in Brazil

3. Now in terms of trade on world markets, coffee is second only to oil.

4. About half of the coffee, from 500 billion cups drunk every year, is consumed at breakfast.

5. The world leader in coffee consumption is not the legislator of the coffee fashion Italy. The first places in the north of Europe are Finland (12 kg per year per person), Norway (9.9 kg), Iceland (9 kg).

Ekaterina Trushkina, an expert at Coffe WorkShop:

dried pulp of coffee berries. Drink to taste does not resemble coffee, but rather like a decoction of dogrose. But there is caffeine in the pulp, it's just smaller than in the grains. And it's also interesting that ground coffee (after brewing) ground coffee can be used for cosmetic procedures – it's an excellent scrub. But do not overdo it, it provides deep cleansing of the skin, so once a week it will be enough.

6. About 70% of the world consumption of coffee falls on arabica (a kind of coffee) and about 30% on robusta. There is another kind of coffee – Iberica (Coffea liberica), but the fruits of this coffee tree are not used for food.

7. Caffeine was added by the International Olympic Committee to the list of banned substances (a certain dose in a doping test).

Arabica is the most popular type of coffee in the world

8. The lethal dose of caffeine is about 100 cups a day. The philosopher Voltaire drank up to 50 cups.

9. It was thanks to coffee that the world's first webcam appeared: the Cambridge fullness began to be monitored at the University of Cambridge.

10. Irish coffee (with whiskey) was invented in the city of Foines: they decided to warm the passengers who arrived on a very cold day.

The main thing about the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine

The new Bosch coffee machine works with grain coffee. This is cool, because a drink made directly from grains is the most flavorful, with a rich taste. Fresh. It is with her that we begin the story of the main coffee technologies in TIS30129RW.

Automatic coffee machine Bosch TIS30129RW. The cost is 30 000-31 000 rubles (actual at the time of publication)

Coffee grinder . It is designed for 250 grams of grains (standard packing), with ceramic millstones (durable and work quieter than metal) and with adjustable grinding. For example, for heavily fried grains (dark), smaller grinds are desirable, and for less roasted (those that are lightened) – larger.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Built-in coffee grinder with ceramic millstones and storage space for cups

Flowing water heater Intellegent Heater. It provides a fast (it is important!) Heating of water to the proper 90-95 ° C: coffee is prepared according to the classical technology, it turns out to be most aromatic, all the nuances of coffee bean are revealed in the taste.

The brewing block . It receives a portion of ground coffee from a coffee grinder, hot water is passed through it under pressure. Spent coffee (coffee cake) is recovered from the infusion block in a special removable container, and the drink is fed into the cup through a height-adjustable dispenser (to use cups of different volumes).

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By the way, the pump in this coffee machine is able to provide water pressure up to 15 bar. However, for preparing a classic espresso, you do not need that much – 9 bars are enough. This is taken into account by SensoFlow's intelligent cooking system – a bundle of flow-through heater, brewing unit and electronic control.

Bosch TIS30129RW. The brewing unit is removed, washed and installed back

Electronic control . In the Bosch TIS30129RW, the process of preparing coffee is monitored by electronic "brains": they monitor the volume and temperature of water, take into account the strength of coffee (by the way, you can choose – there are three levels), the kind of drink. In general, they work for the best possible result. And any coffee is prepared with one touch to the touch field – the OneTouch function.

A variety of drinks . Indeed, a modern coffee machine must be able to cook not only "ordinary" coffee, but also popular coffee-milk drinks. And the new Bosch can: espresso, coffee cream (analogue American, but cooked with a traditional espresso method), cappuccino, latte maketato (milder than cappuccino) and even hot foamed milk – all by touching the touch screen on the control panel. [19659007]

Bosch TIS30129RW. Any drink is prepared with one touch to the touch field on the control panel

MilkMagic Pro . Since we remembered coffee with milky foam, we can not help saying that it is very easy to prepare. It is only necessary to lower the mobile cappuccinator into the cup with milk and to activate the preparation of cappuccino or latte macchiato by touching the sensor. The duration of frothing of milk is regulated.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Removable cappuccino: quickly prepares milk foam, easy to wash

Easy care of the espresso machine . This is a very important point, which should not cause unnecessary trouble to the owner. In this sense, in Bosch TIS30129RW everything is well thought out. There is a special program for full auto cleaning of the Salc`nClean brewing system – the machine will be notified by the light indication of the need to start it (works with special pills scraping from scale).

The main characteristics of the Bosch TIS30129RW:

– type: automatic coffee machine
– drinks espresso, coffee cream, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot foamed milk
– choice of coffee strength
– preparation of the drink with one touch to the touch field
– removable cappuccino
– power 1300 W
– maximum pump pressure : 15 bar
– built-in coffee grinder: 250 g grains, ceramic millstones, grinding adjustment
– removable water container: 1.4 l, possibility to insert filter Brita
– instantaneous water heater
– auto washing program
– easy care of removable brewing block
– country of origin: Slovenia
– cost: 30,000-31,000 rubles

After each switch-on and before shutdown, the machine also flushes the working system (no pills needed) . On the control panel there is an indication of the need to clean the container for used coffee (enough for 10 servings) and drain the water from the pan.

The cappucci must be washed by hand, after each cappuccino or latte macchiato preparation – otherwise problems may arise. But in Bosch TIS30129RW, as we found out, it's not difficult: it is easily removed from the holder, washed and installed back.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Easy care: flushing the cappuccinator and draining the water from the pan

The brewing unit requires periodic maintenance. Here, it is completely removed from the coffee machine and directly in this form (nothing needs to be untwisted, disassembled) is washed under a tap of water from a tap. Then dry it (wipe it with a cloth) and install it back – we did not have any problems.

Compact dimensions . Considering that many small kitchens, which have other equipment (microwave, multivark, kettle, toaster, etc.), dimensions are not the last important moment. And the Bosch Germans took this into account, creating the most compact model: 25 cm wide, 38 cm high and 42 cm deep.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Compact automatic coffee machine

Test results

With absolute certainty it can be said that the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine has successfully passed the test. We prepared with her help espresso, coffee cream, cappuccino and latte macchiato. There were no failures in any of the cases: coffee expert from the company Coffe WorkShop Ekaterina Trishkina set off all four drinks (see video). For the preparation of coffee, the model receives an estimate of 5 .

Ekaterina Trushkina, an expert at Coffe WorkShop:

I was very interested in testing a household coffee machine, since I mainly deal with professional coffee makers. It's doubly interesting, because during the test we used high-quality 100% arabica, and with it household models do not always manage well: coffee can not fully open, spicy acidity, for example, is often rudely worked out, the taste of the drink is worse. But this model coped – I was pleasantly surprised.

There were no problems with the convenience: the machine is easy to control (recall, any coffee is prepared with one touch to the sensor). And the service is simplified as much as possible. Add to this compactness – this is also a convenience factor. In general, it was not possible to shoot points: for the convenience of the score 5 .

Bosch TIS30129RW. The coffee machine coped with the preparation of all coffee drinks

As for the design – he, in general, liked: the machine is "very German" – nothing superfluous in appearance, the design in it – the consequence and the continuation of functionality. However, this sometimes affects the originality of the appearance and here – this is the case. In the interiors of most kitchens or offices, the car will fit perfectly, but does not become an accent, it will not attract the eye. Someone likes it, some do not – it's subjective. Our design score is 4 .

The verdict of

The Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine receives 4.6 points for the test. Given that it costs about 31,000 rubles, this allows us to recommend it for use. Of the minuses, we note the limitations of adjusting the volume of the finished beverage in a cup. For example, coffee cream – a maximum of 200 ml. Many people like to drink more coffee at times.

If you compare the cost of a coffee machine with the possibilities for making coffee (coffee classics plus working with milk), with the quality of drinks (estimated by the coffee expert, see video), and also with thoughtful convenience – the price seems to us quite adequate, not "cosmic", which obviously adds points to it.

We are grateful to Coffe WorkShop for help in preparing the material.

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