Review ILife V8s – dry and damp cleaning

What can a robotic vacuum cleaner do for dry and wet cleaning? How to vacuum? Does it really wash the floor or lightly wipe it? Natasha Kashentseva tested the novelty – ILife V8s . The model costs 22,500 rubles – it's not very expensive for a multifunctional robot, but anyway, before buying, you need to understand – is it worth it? The most important thing about the new robot is in our video.

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One of the main features of the new Chinese robot cleaner ILife V8s, which we found during the close him dating – ease of use. There is a clear, albeit not too "fancy" remote control, from which you can turn on any cleaning mode. There is an easy change of containers: for garbage and for water. The first, by the way, increased volume – 750 ml. And the "water" is not small – 300 ml.

The basic performance of ILife V8s:

– type of cleaning: dry and wet
– modes: automatic, along walls and corners, maximum power, point
] – two removable containers: for garbage (750 ml) and for water (300 ml)
– microfibre wipes included for wet cleaning: 2 pieces, can be washed
– control on the body and remote control
– operating time: up to 120 minutes
– full battery time: 350 minutes
– noise: up to 72 dB (maximum power)
– removable main filter: high
– sensor system for orientation in the room
– overcoming of obstacles: small thresholds, floor-carpet, carpet-floor
– cost: 22 500 rubles (current at the time of publication)

] Dry cleaning takes place according to the classical scheme – the side brushes (we tested without them – complicated the task) sweep the garbage to the air channel and then it is sucked into the dust bag. There is no main rotating brush. On the one hand it's good – you do not need to clean it forever from hair, thread, animal hair. But on the other hand, there is no "combing out" debris from the carpeting, and even collecting garbage from the hard floor. Such a brush helps.

During wet cleaning, i-Dropping technology is active: control from the container to the removable cover from a microfiber of a volume of water – this saves the floor from waterlogging. The vacuum cleaner rather just rubs the floor lightly – the very thing is for daily maintenance of cleanliness, but not for general cleaning. All details are in our video.

Read more about the robot cleaner ILIFE-A8 under the link
ILIFE group in the VC: [19659010] More video: Test of the new talking robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A8

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