Review MEATER – smart thermometer for meat

At the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, ​​we found a very useful piece for all steak lovers – a smart thermometer MEATER. With it, you can remotely control the preparation of meat to the desired degree of roasting. It suits also for other products: poultry, fish, vegetables. Acquainted with American development closer – made a video review.

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It's convenient – put a smart thermometer MEATER into a piece of meat, chose the type of product in the mobile application (beef, pork, lamb, and also a bird, fish), the type of steak, if necessary, the degree of roasting, and you can distract yourself: stroll around the garden, do household chores, anything. When the dish is ready, a message will come to the smartphone or tablet. The connection takes place via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (depends on the version of the thermometer).

You can cook meat any way – in a frying pan, on a grill, on a barbecue grill. The limitation is one – the thermometer should not come into contact with an open fire. There are autotuning (for example, the internal temperature of meat of varying degrees of roasting) and they can be changed. Available and setting the required cooking time, if you know it.

All the necessary cooking settings are made in the mobile application

The user mode is also provided entirely – any settings for cooking a wide variety of products. The smart thermometer comes with a wooden charger (runs on AA batteries). For convenience of storage, the charging base has a magnetic fastening – it can be "hooked" to a refrigerator, grill, cooker, cooker hood.

Clever meat thermometer MEATER – four-piece expanded set

Two sets: one thermometer with a charging base and a set of four thermometers with a four-segment charging station and indication of the charge level and cooking temperature of the product there is, it can be seen and not on the smartphone's display). The price in Europe is 89 euros for a "single" version, and 269 euros for a large set (it can be pre-ordered so far).

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