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The robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE-A8 with a height of only 7.2 cm – will clean even in hard-to-reach places under furniture. It has several cleaning modes, a remote control for easy operation and a modern navigation system with a "terrain plan". And all this is cheaper than 18 000 rubles. We checked that the novelty represents itself in reality and removes it well. Watch the video.

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ILIFE-A8 was introduced very recently – in January in Las Vegas, at a major international exhibition of consumer electronics CES-2018 . And here he is already in Russia. The novelty is not very expensive and this, in particular, attracted our attention.

The main characteristics of the robot cleaner ILIFE-A8:

– cleaning type: dry
– garbage collection system: turbo-brush (main) and two lateral brushes
– mesh, foam, main (for fine dust) filters
– cleaning start: button on the case or remote control
– navigation: 36 different sensors and sensors
– battery: lithium-ion , the capacity of 2600 mAh
– the time of the full charge of the battery: five hours
– cleaning time: about 90 minutes
– modes Automatic cleaning, Maximum power, Corner cleaning and along walls, Spot cleaning
– Dust bag volume: 0.3 L
– Voice prompts (English)
– Cost: 17 400 rubles (information on the price is current at the time of publication)

In our opinion, the robot cleaner ILIFE-A8 did a good job cleaning. Given that we have created extremely difficult conditions for him: garbage of different "caliber", various obstacles, "forgot" the electric wire on the floor (see video). Problems were only with the cleaning of a large amount of scattered flour.

Read more about the inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaner ILIFE-A8 under the link
I-LIFE group in the VC: [19659010]

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