Russian startup will introduce a system of recognition of individuals in domestic shopping centers

The Russian start-up will introduce a system of face recognition in domestic shopping centers – high-tech and advanced news on

Not so long ago, the Chinese government launched a rather advanced system of face detection to identify offenders. And, like any promising technology, this one has a lot of analogs in other countries. Moreover, as early as July of this year, in 2018, by the forces of the Russian start-up NtechLab in one of the shopping centers in St. Petersburg, the first tests of the Russian face recognition system will be carried out.

At this stage, the system will analyze faces with 44 cameras located on the ground floor TC. She will "remember" the faces of incoming people and collect information about them, reportedly in an "impersonal form", relying only on common features of appearance and behavior. The technology will allow not only to monitor people, but also to analyze a number of parameters: carry out demographic and sexual structuring, determine when the customer was at the store for the last time, compare the behavior of people in different stores, and also learn the residence time and routes of travel through the territory of the trade

With the help of new technology, store owners will be able to increase profits by redistributing consumer flows, but NTechLab representatives emphasize that their technology will not be used It will be necessary to identify specific people and do not have to worry about the safety of personal data. At the moment, NTechLab has over 2000 customers from Europe, USA, Australia, China and India. Therefore, after "running in" the technology, it may well be introduced outside the Russian Federation.

The Russian startup will introduce a system for recognizing persons in domestic shopping centers


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