Boeing patents a system for protecting GPS navigation on the blockroom

One of the world's largest aircraft, military and space technology manufacturers, Boeing Corp., announced that it has patented a new development, the essence of which is to protect GPS receivers with the help of a blockade from unauthorized interference.

In the accompanying note to the patent, published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, said that the development is an on-board system for backup and protection against spoofing.

GPS spoofing can "confuse" the transmitter by sending false signals to it. It is used to confuse sensors, distorting the location data of certain objects whose coordinates were initially set correctly.

"The backup will contain reliable information received from GPS, so the system will be fault-tolerant and will be used on all types of vehicles, including unmanned vehicles," the explanatory note to the patent states.

Thus, using the technology of blocking to protect the onboard systems, Boeing expects to secure its equipment from false signals. If necessary, the backup copy of the data will be re-deployed if the security system detects attempts to change coordinates.

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