The DMarket blockade marketplace will turn gaming items into real goods

Often, video game fans who bought supplements or other game assets are not actually their full owners, because developers, publishers, and sometimes distributors can at any time restrict the player’s right to dispose of purchased virtual items. Developers DMarket offer to solve this problem with the help of a blockbuster . To do this, they teamed up with the creators of the game engine Unity, – Forklog reports with reference to representatives of companies.

Developers “connect” their games to the DMarket platform, after which all players get the opportunity to trade different items from the games. In this case, all transactions are recorded in a secure database, created on the block. Active trade in-game items will stimulate the further development of the system of microtransactions and luteboxes, making it more loyal to gamers.

Suppose that the user is completely bored with the game, in which he spent several hundred hours. Usually all this ends up with time spent and a bunch of money squandered in the game. But with the DMarket system, the player will be able to compensate for part of the costs by selling his unnecessary virtual “gear” to those who are still interested in the game, and gaining some real money for the deal.

“Our goal is to make in-game items full-fledged assets in the near future, because our platform is already ready for operation,” – say developers DMarket.

Earlier, the company reported on the partnership with the payment system Xsolla, so the first joint game projects on the blockbuster to wait is not very long.

It should be noted that here it is primarily about MMO projects, originally designed to profit not because of the sale of the game itself, but due to purchases made by users inside the game. Most likely, full-fledged game projects, this innovation will not be affected in the near future.

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