Hackers used Facebook Messenger for hidden Monero mining

Unknown hackers have created a bot that can unknowingly run the Montero crypto currency. To distribute malicious code, the Facebook Messenger application is used, – TrendLabs informs.

A bot-miner is called Digmine. The first mention of the bot first appeared in the report of TrendLabs, concerning South Korea. Then it began to spread and appeared in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, Venezuela and a number of other countries. Judging by the speed of its distribution, it will soon appear a lot more where.

Bot Digmine works only on the desktop version of Facebook Messenger and is contained in the file "video_xxxx.zip". If you open it through Facebook Messenger, it starts to download the rest of the components necessary to start Monero mining. Next, he installs an extension in the Chrome browser, through which he accesses Facebook accounts and is transferred further.

Experts from TrendLabs notified Facebook about the situation, so now the social network is actively fighting the spread of the bot-miner.

Crypt the currency and you can not suspect anything in other ways. For example, many online shops use the power of their visitors' computers to extract crypto currency. Earlier, Google Chrome found an extension for shortening links, which Monero secretly mined.

Do not forget that you can regret the unfortunate users of Facebook Messenger and chat with crypto-currency coryphaeans in telegrams .

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