High-tech exhibitions, which are worth visiting in 2018

2018 promises to be rich in interesting exhibitions devoted to innovative technologies. If you follow trends in the sphere of hi-tech, it's worth to visit at least one of them. And to make the trip easy for the budget will help a credit card: a quick online solution in 5 minutes, and the financial issue no longer prevents you from keeping up the pulse of events.

Inventions Geneva 2018

International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technology and Products
11-15 April
Geneva, Switzerland

One of the world's largest salons of inventions, which began work back in 1972, traditionally holds a stamp: only exhibits that have already received patents are allowed here. In areas over 8,000 square meters. the most recent developments are presented by both state and private companies, among them there are participants from Russia.

ITEX 2018

International Exhibition of Innovations and New Technologies
10-12 May
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year the participation of 23 countries with more than 1000 inventions is announced, which is not surprising: ITEX medals have weight, especially when introducing innovations. The full house is expected to be sold out, as the presented developments will interest representatives of various fields: from agriculture to the space industry.

CEBIT 2018

International exhibition of solutions, products and services from all fields
information and communication technologies
11-15 June
Hannover, Germany

CEBIT attracts exhibits , as well as unique seminars and conferences on information technology issues. Communicating with specialists in narrow areas, visitors get an idea of ​​the latest trends and developments. At the exhibition, you can establish contacts with solid players in the IT industry, and with starters who are carrying the most daring ideas – everyone here is happy.

INST 2018

International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovative Technologies
September 27-29
] Taipei, Taiwan

It's no secret that Asia is at the forefront of high technology, so it's informative to visit the largest Asian platform for trade in intellectual property. Moreover, the spectrum of topics is extremely wide: construction, medicine, agriculture, heavy and light industry, ecology, communications and much more.

CEATEC Japan 2018

International Exhibition of Advanced Technologies
16-19 October
Japan, Chiba

After the merger of two major Japanese exhibitions – information technology and electronics – the event became a large-scale event, so for the convenience of participants and visitors it was divided into thematic sectors. There are clusters, dedicated to household appliances, business solutions, industrial equipment. The specificity of the exhibition is an emphasis on ways to solve global problems with the help of high technologies.

Have you found something interesting for yourself? We wish you a busy and fruitful trip!

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