In Russia they are creating a hybrid thermonuclear reactor

Despite the rapid development of alternative energy sources, nuclear energy is still one of the most profitable types of energy resources. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of developments are being carried out in this sphere as well. For example, it was recently announced that a project for the construction of a thorium-based reactor had already been launched in the Russian Federation. Such a reactor is a kind of alloy of nuclear and thermonuclear technologies.

According to Evgeny Velikhov, honorary head of the Kurchatov Institute, Russia is a priority site for the construction of a hybrid reactor because our country is the world's leading supplier of nuclear fuel.

"If the geopolitical problems that are currently being observed are overcome, then all the partners in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project will be able to build hybrid reactors."

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is an international project to build an experimental thermonuclear reactor. Its task is to demonstrate the possibility of commercial use of a thermonuclear reactor, as well as in solving physical and technological problems that may occur along this path. ITER, along with Russia are the EU, Japan, USA, Korea, China, India and several other countries along with Russia.

A hybrid reactor is a combination of all existing nuclear and thermonuclear technologies, but it is much simpler than a thermonuclear one, and not requires ultra high pressure and temperature for operation. In this case, thorium is much more profitable than the same uranium: it is cheaper in production, its reserves are larger, and the waste does not require a complicated burial process. In this case, according to experts, the first hybrid reactor can be created "already during the thirties of this century."

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